Concert Review: The Formation Solenne

Concert Review:
The Formation Solenne
Ljiljana Winkler - soprano
Jai Jeffryes - piano, Steven Beck - piano
Peter Oswald - trumpet, Carla Lancellotti Auld - flute
DiMenna Center, Benzaquen Hall
presented by Composers Concordance
December 11th, 2021

On December 11th, 2021  I witnessed a stellar performance!  Composers Concordance presented The Formation Solenne from Germany in a Program of Eclectic Contemporary Chamber Music for Soprano. he soprano, Ljiljana Winkler sang beautifully and with great stamina and skill.  I’m not sure how many people understand what goes into a vocal performance like that, the level of dedication, study and artistry that it takes to execute music of that difficulty level, and still make it look easy and fun.

I also want to praise the versatility of this vocal artist, Ljiljana is able to perform in many styles and genres with credibility.  This is not always the case, so it is worthy of note and mention when it is evident.  The vocal instrument is so unlike any other – it takes the whole body, the whole mind, the whole will and intention to embody every facet of expression that a composer envisions and sets forth on paper.  The singer brings that to life, with no tangible object other than the living instrument.

- M